Social Suds Resource Center

SMA Dryers


South Memphis Alliance (SMA) clients are referred to as Dream Seekers, because we all have dreams and need hope for a future. Dream Seekers may be found anywhere, including doing what you and I do every day, taking care of the basics – laundry.

SMA’s office, next door to a laundromat, opened the doors for a unique opportunity, so SMA took advantage of that opportunity and got in the laundry business!

While clients are at the SMA Laundromat and Resource Center, located at 1044 S. Bellevue Blvd., Memphis, TN 38106, they may take advantage of various social services by SMA.

Stay tuned to learn more about opportunities at the laundromat, including services from the Southern College of Optometry, Literacy Mid-South, among many others.