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This month, South Memphis Alliance kicks off #Swap4SMA.  #Swap4SMA is a social media campaign focused on raising funds by challenging individuals to swap a purchase for a one-time donation to SMA, then sharing that swap on social media, and challenging friends to do the same.  It’s a simple challenge:

  1. Decide your swap – Coffee?  Maybe a car-wash?  Possibly that sweater you’ve been eyeing?
  2. Donate that money using our PayPal one time donation link.  The one time donation link can be found on the bottom of our home page.  Click HERE to open that home page and look for the link on the bottom left.
  3. Share your swap and hashtag it up!  #Swap4SMA #SupportYouth #SupportSMA #FundFosterYouth.  Doesn’t matter, as long as you use #Swap4SMA.  
  4. We told you it was simple!


Here are a few ways to share your swap: Save a snippet of your receipt and use these as examples:


I figured I would spend $11.12 if I ate lunch with my friends today, but I gave that money to SMA instead. #Swap4SMA #FundingFosterYouth #SupportSMA


If you don’t care to share your amount, block it out!


I really need to get my car washed with this money, but foster youth need this more. #RidingDirty #Swap4SMA #MoneyMatters


Here’s another receipt snippet:


Swapping my manicure for a donation to SMA!  #CommunityFirst #Swap4SMA #WhatCanUSwap


If you have a PayPal app, your receipt may look something like this:


I can go see that movie another time.  I choose to support youth in foster care.
#Swap4SMA #SupportOurYouth #BuildingCommunity #IDareYou


If you need assistance in sharing your swap, email our campaign chair at or call SMA at 901-774-9582

Whatever the amount, your swap counts!

C’mon!  Accept the challenge!  We dare you…

SMA 2015 Unity Dinner

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Save the Date for the 2015 Unity Dinner, celebrating 15 years of service to the Memphis area!

SMA Unity Dinner


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Sharvon matched for a car this past week !  Here are a couple of photos with his case manager, Tiffany Turnage.





Eye Care for Seniors

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Many thanks to the Southern College of Optometry for providing free eye exams and glasses for seniors 60 and older.












New Visitors to the Social Suds Resource Center!

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Children with Special Needs from Bethel Grove Visit the Social Suds Resource Center!


Two bus loads of young people stopped by SMA for a life skills field trip.






The young people were really excited to finally start the machine after a lesson on choosing

detergents and separating clothes. 


 You’ll be surprised at the questions that they had about choosing a detergent.







Of course, it wouldn’t be a field trip without lunch! 

South Memphis Alliance had a great time visiting with the Bethel  Grove Elementary students!

Free Tax Prep!

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It’s tax season again! Many citizens are still being taken advantage of during this season by predatory lenders offering fast cash. Did you know that rapid refund loans are no longer an option in Tennessee? In an effort to reduce this practice, SMA (South Memphis Alliance, Inc.) is partnering with United Way to provide free tax preparation on the following dates:

January 21, 2015 from 10am-3pm
January 26, 2015 from 9am-3pm
February 16, 2015 from 10am-3pm

Wanna expedite the process reserve a specific time slot. Contact Tiffany at 901.774.9582


SMA Free Taxes 2015

Movie Screening of Annie to Benefit SMA

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South Memphis Alliance was chosen as the recipient organization for this fundraiser event due to our diligence in serving the foster youth population.  South Memphis Alliance works to empower foster youth by teaching them life skills.  The agency serves as a one-stop shop for connecting youth who are in foster care, or those that have transitioned out of foster care to much needed services.  We assist the young people with accessing health benefits, extension of foster care services, housing and much more.

We would be delighted for you to join us in what’s sure to be a delightful treat for the entire family.  Click HERE to purchase your tickets today!

SMA Laundromat & Resource Center Spotlighted on a National Website

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The SMA Laundromat and Resource Center was recently spotlighted for their work in providing a much needed service to the community.  Read the article below:


Laundromat Helps Memphis Non-profit Generate Funding for Years to Come
A laundromat can be much more than a place to wash and dry clothes. A laundromat can empower a community and better the lives of its customers. This is the case of South Memphis Alliance (SMA) and the laundromat it operates.* Investment in LaundryBorn and raised in the Home of the Blues, SMA Executive Director Reginald Milton knows firsthand about the hardships of the community. Milton’s desire to make a positive impact on Memphis residents led him to found SMA in 2000 with the mission of improving the health, knowledge and stability of young people, families and communities through social services, advocacy and mentoring.The organization grew, and as a result moved into a larger location at 1048 S. Bellevue Blvd. in 2005. Adjacent to SMA’s new facility was a run-down laundromat. A few years later when the laundromat’s owner was ready to retire, Milton saw it as an opportunity to improve his community and generate funding for his organization.“We noticed that many of the people who needed our support were also customers of the laundromat,” Milton noted. “Although the facility was very run-down, I could see the value in taking ownership and making it into a place where community members could do more than just laundry.”

And so SMA took ownership of the store and began its relationship with Huebsch® distributor L&M Laundry Services. While the existing machines were 20-plus years old and not properly maintained by the previous owner, Milton still made the best of the situation and turned to Mike Leake, owner of L&M Laundry Services, for advice.

As SMA had no budget to support repairs, Leake informed Milton about service schools held at Huebsch’s world-class manufacturing facility in Ripon, Wisconsin where he could learn how to service and extend the equipment’s life.

“When I came back from taking service classes in Ripon, we got the machines up and working. We painted the building, cleaned and did everything we could to make it accessible to the community. We managed it that way for two years, but realized we needed to update the facility to provide a better experience for our customers and increase our ability to generate revenue for the organization.”




Replacing for Success

The process took two years to secure the necessary funding to bring the SMA Laundromat and Resource Center to life. During the extensive year-long equipment search process, SMA looked at all the manufacturers and went to several laundry trade shows and conferences to see the models available and learn as much as possible.

“We wanted equipment that was user-friendly and easy for our customers to operate. As we are in a high-density, low-income environment, the equipment needed to be rugged and up to handling the demands of our customers. Finally, we had to have something that would reduce our utility costs, but at the same time give our customers the quality of service they wanted and deserved.”

At the end of the day, it was an easy decision to replace with Huebsch. “Huebsch had everything we were looking for; they turned out to offer the best machines out there.”

Leake worked with SMA to select the right equipment mix for its unique needs. Twenty washer-extractors with eBoost™ technology and four 20-pound top load washers provide SMA customers with a quality wash, while a combination of 12 30- and 45-pound stack tumble dryers and two 75-pound tumble dryers produce consistent drying results.

The washer-extractors and tumble dryers equipped with the intuitive Galaxy™ 600 controls make for incredibly easy customer operation. Understanding customers are strapped for time, it was important for SMA to select washer-extractors that could provide a quality wash, quickly.

With 30 programmable water levels, Galaxy controls enabled SMA to make adjustments by segment and customer feedback for the most economical water setting, while the system’s 24 cycle combinations give customers options and ensure the best possible wash per load.

“We found the Huebsch machines did the best job of cleaning in a timely manner,” Milton says.

Improving the Community

Milton wanted to do more than just update the equipment; he wanted to create a place that would enrich the lives of his customers whose average income is just $15,000 a year.

Roughly a quarter of the 3,000 square foot facility was designed as a place for community and professional organizations to provide customers with free social services – literacy training, job search support, eye exams and HIV testing – in between washing and drying loads of laundry.

“When people are waiting 20 minutes for their clothes to be washed, 20 minutes for their clothes to be dried, it’s a perfect opportunity to provide these services,” Milton adds.

SMA invested in providing amenities that no other laundromat in a two-mile radius offered, such as security, air conditioning and heating, free Wi-Fi and vending. Word of SMA’s offerings quickly spread in the community and as a result, three other laundromats nearby closed due to lack of business.

Bright Future

In just the first year of operation SMA Laundromat and Resource Center has made a bigger splash in the community than originally expected. When it opened, SMA forecasted the laundromat would generate $75,000 annually for the organization after deducting operating costs. More traffic than expected means the laundromat is now on course to generate nearly double that.

A recent survey by the Coin Laundry Association noted that 50 percent of laundromat owners who experienced business growth attribute it to their new equipment. By outfitting the store with efficient and state-of-the-art equipment SMA showed its customers that it cares about their business.

“As humans, we will adapt to almost anything. When we are in an environment where we are offered less, our expectations lower. But when we are given more, our expectations grow and we become better people.”

By partnering with Huebsch, SMA Laundromat and Resource Center was able to provide the best experience for its customers and still generate the revenue needed to support the community.

“The staffs of L&M Laundry Services and Huebsch are so knowledgeable and I do not think the success of this project could have happened without them both.”





Fostering Awareness Field

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Our Dream Seekers are proud of their work. They completed our Fostering Awareness Field, representing young people involved in the foster care system in America. Drive by and see it! 1039 S. Bellevue Blvd.

May – National Foster Care Month

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May is National Foster Care Month

All month, members of Congress will spread the word about foster care through opinion pieces, television appearances, social media, and public events in their districts.

  • May 7 – members of Congress will wear this blue ribbon, as a part of the Blue Ribbon Campaign to increase foster care visibility. Download a ribbon here.
  • May 16 – the Caucus will join the Senate Caucus to End Human Trafficking for a foster care & child trafficking forum highlighting how child welfare workers can help stop the trafficking of children in care.
  • May 21 – members of Congress will host foster youth from their districts for our 2nd annual Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day


Join the Memphis community on Saturday, May 4 at Neighborhood Christian Center for a luncheon.

Must RSVP at 901.327.1616.

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