About SMA

South Memphis Alliance (SMA) opened its doors in 2000 to help organize neighborhood associations in the urban communities of South Memphis. Over time we’ve expanded our services to serve youth in foster care and families in need. Despite our growth, we hold fast to our core belief that civic engagement is the bedrock of strong communities, and that strong communities promote stable families. 

SMA Clients are Dream Seekers because we believe everyone has a dream and needs hope for a future. Our mission is to improve the health, knowledge and stability of young people, families and communities through social services, advocacy and mentoring. Our work focuses largely on these core initiatives:
  • Dream Seekers – – providing hope for a future and assisting young people, families in need, and communities with their individual dreams.
  • SMA Laundromat and Resource Center (LRC)  – – providing services where families already are is a very unique approach to social services.
  • SMA Dream Seekers Resource Center (DSRC)  – – we are developing this facility so that Dream Seekers have a place to call their own…
  • SMA Center for Families and Children (CFFC)  – – we will be developing this land into a facility, to be the hub of services in South Memphis, upon kicking off a capital campaign.  
  • Community Action Panel – –  composed of community leaders from over a dozen South Memphis civic groups who we support.
Thanks for your interest. Please take a few moments to browse through our website to learn more about us, our work, and how you may want to get involved!